Mary Street Medical Centre

Mary Street Medical Centre was founded in 1984 and is situated opposite Old Saint Mary’s Church and the Walls of Clonmel, dating back to the 14th Century, one of the main architectural features of Clonmel Town.

Dr Colman Walsh was the founder and was joined by Dr Judith Cheasty in 1988. Dr Gerry Sullivan commenced practice in Clonmel in 1989 and amalgamated his practice with Mary Street in 1991. Dr Bernardine Rochford joined in 1993 and Dr Cathy Foley in 2000.

Within the last 5 years, the practice has been joined by Dr Liz Cantwell, Dr James McGrath, Dr Claire McCarthy and Dr Sean Fitzpatrick. We are also a training practice for GP’s.  The availability of such a large number of doctors enhances our ability to provide an excellent wide variety of services.

Important Update 

We are no longer providing a Saturday Service. Caredoc are on duty all day 0818 300 365

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