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Covid-19 Update

Due to the Covid-19 virus, our usual practice operations have changed.

On the advice of the HSPC we are no longer offering a walk in service. Please contact reception by phone if you need an appointment on 052 6121288

Our reception staff will enquire if you have any respiratory symptoms e.g. cough, fever, or shortness of breath. For those patients who do not have respiratory symptoms and who need essential appointments, in so far as is possible, will be given an appointment time with their usual doctor, this may be over the phone or in the practice. 

In line with HSPC recommendations we are asking everyone attending the practice to wear a face covering or mask. 

Up to date official HSE information can be found here: https://www2.hse.ie/conditions/coronavirus/coronavirus.html

Information for employees requiring work absences due to COVID-19 can be found here: https://www.gov.ie/en/publication/99104a-covid-19-coronavirus

As the situation evolves we will continue follow the expert advice so please check back for any changes. We would like to thank you for your cooperation during these challenging times.

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Medicals / Ultrasound

Our Executive Medical programmes at Mary Street Medical Centre have been designed to identify any existing health problems, assess your disease risk factors and to provide you with the tools and recommendations to achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Mary Street Medical Centre offer various options with regard to our medical health screening and your G.P. would be happy to discuss each of the options with you.

Our Standard Medical lasts approximately 90 minutes and is targeted towards patients under the age of 40.

We also offer Advanced/Executive Medicals for other patients.  These Medicals take approximately 3 hours and offers a comprehensive testing service including Stress / Echo cardiogram and Ultrasound (if required).


What is an Ultrasound Scan?

Ultrasound imaging (or sonography) is a method of acquiring information about the inside of the body using high frequency sound waves to show the size, shape and texture of the internal organs and blood vessels. Ultrasound waves cannot pass through gas so the stomach or bowel cannot be evaluated.

Ultrasound Scan FAQs

1. When are Ultrasound scans used?

A doctor may refer you for an ultrasound scan to investigate pain, most commonly in the abdomen.

2. What types of Ultrasounds can I get?


Ultrasound Pricing:


Sales Price

Abdo/pelvis €150
Abdomen €120
Aorta/kidneys €100
Cartoids €150
Gallbladder €90
Pelvis €110
Renal Tract €90
Salivary Glands €90
Thyroid €90


3. Is an Ultrasound safe?

There are no known harmful effects in standard diagnostic ultrasounds. No ionising radiation is involved.

4. Do I need to prepare for the Ultrasound scan?

For some ultrasound scans, some preparation may be required. Detailed instructions are given at the time of booking your appointment. For certain scans, you may be required to fast, whilst for others, you will be asked to drink several glasses of water prior to examination. Please check with our staff member if you are unsure as to the preparation required for your scan.

5. What happens during the Ultrasound scan?

During the procedure, you will be asked to lie, usually face up, on an examination table. A gel is applied to the skin and an ultrasound probe (transducer) is moved over the gel to acquire the images.

6. How long will the Ultrasound scan take?

The examination takes approximately 20 minutes.

7. How do I get the results?

A report will be issued to your referring doctor detailing the findings from the scan.

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The medical centre was set up in 1983 by Dr. Colman Walsh and has expanded over the years. Today we have 6 GPs, practice nurses and other qualified personnel offering a friendly, family orientated service to the community.

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