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COVID-19 Vaccine

We are excited to start the roll out of the Covid 19 vaccine. 

Patients will be contacted by us to arrange the appointment. 
















For official up-to-date information on the vaccine rollout click here

Click here for more information on getting your vaccine



COVID 19 Testing

Mary Street Medical Centre is now providing COVID 19 tests which are required for pre hospital procedures, medical screening or for VISA requirements for travel.

This test is not for patients with COVID symptoms. Patients who are recently returned from non green list countries will still have to complete the quarantine recommendations even if the test does not detect the virus. Results are generally available within 2 working days.

The test involves a nurse or doctor placing a swab in the back of your throat and up one nostril to the back of the nose. This test may be uncomfortable, but does not take long.

Please contact your doctor for further details or email us covid@msmedical.ie



Alternative Consultations

We have introduced “tele-consultations”  and can also provide video consultations as well as providing face to face consultations as appropriate. Walk in consultations are no longer available. 

We will update our practice regarding this on a regular basis as advice changes (latest update 17.02.2021 )

Please contact reception by phone if you need to speak with your doctor on 052 6121288.


We are emailing prescriptions to pharmacies, thereby reducing the time you need to spend in either the practice or the pharmacy. Please notify us of your preferred pharmacy for this service


The practice is now able to send social welfare certificates electronically directly to the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection. 







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